Tent heating & cooling

Climate Control

Outdoor climate control.

Keep tents at optimal temperature.

Don’t let stifling humidity or frigid cold snaps ruin the success of your mission. A climate controlled tent will provide shelter from extreme hot or cold weather during your temporary deployment for medical screening or vaccinations. We take care of ensuring your staff and the general public are comfortable no matter the season or the forecast.

Our temperature-controlled mobile storage solutions are designed to address the unique cold chain requirements of tracking and monitoring COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Doses are stored securely and are kept at ultracold temperatures at any inoculation site.

MLU Services Tent HVAC
Vaccine Refrigeration

MLU Services provides air cooling and heating units specifically designed for tent structures of any size. We have the experience needed to determine the most effective solution for any location coast-to-coast for any season.

Call us today for a free consultation for a temporary medical facility including climate control, prepared just for you.