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Temporary medical facilities.

MLU Services, Inc. has actively worked at nearly every major disaster since 1999. We are prepared and ready to install Mobile Drive-Through Testing Units, Screening Centers and Vaccination Sites for private companies, state administrators and government health departments.

We have what you need and can deploy any size mobile center safely and quickly. Due to our decades of disaster response experience we have the experience and flexibility to deploy anytime, anywhere.

Drive-thru Screening Systems

Mobile Vaccination Centers

Rapid Modular Health Systems

Management/HQ Trailers

Temporary Medical Housing

Temporary Emergency Sites

MLU Services TEAM
Andy Huckaby, Joseph Ulm, Luis Martinez, Mike Daughtry (L-R)
Founded in 2001 by Marcia Ulm, MLU Services, Inc. is a nationwide, family-operated business. Headquartered in Athens, Georgia with locations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Santa Rosa, California, MLU is ready to serve your needs with expert staff, project managers and skilled technicians.

In 72 hours or less.

MLU makes it possible.

Avoid scrambling and bidding for scarce equipment.

MLU has everything you need, to construct a temporary medical facility to administer mass vaccinations or for mass testing.

And, we manage the project from start to finish. From design and logistics, to construction and tear-down.

With MLU Services, you can focus on what’s most important — helping people stay safe.

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Here’s how:



All equipment is in stock, including hard-to-find PPE.


A variety of structures are available to fit any space and climate.


Knowledge of federal, state and local regulations for building temporary structures.


Two decades of experience responding to virtually every natural disaster in the USA.